The Geek Test

These are geek wannabees. Now that geeks are in, everybody wants to be a geek. To tell the geeks from the pseudo-geeks, I’ve developed this test:

  1. When you open your phone bill, what do you do with it?
    1. pay the bill
    2. stick the bill in the mess on your desk
    3. sit down and read the insert
  2. You have three choices of reading material. Which do you read?
    1. the sports section of the paper
    2. Wired Magzine
    3. the dictionary
  3. Your prized possession would be…
    1. one of Babe Ruth’s baseballs,
    2. an autographed picture of Bill Gates
    3. a map of the telephone company service areas for your state
  4. A major goal in your life is to…
    1. get as rich as Bill Gates
    2. develop a new game that will become wildly popular
    3. track the response times of TIA versus PPP and SLIP

Answers: If you answered A to each question, you’re definitely not a geek. If you answered B to each question, you’re a wanna-be. If you answered C to each question, you’re pure Geek and I’d like to meet you.