How To Survive With Women

Treat Them Like Your Car!

  • Give it a regular, thorough going over.
  • Touch up the exterior.
  • Rub it down nicely.
  • Make sure it’s waxed regularly.
  • Is it easy to turn on? Does it need manual crank starting?
  • Ensure your stick is firm and is not jamming.
  • Change the lubrication.
  • Check the rubber is not wearing thin.
  • Keep an eye out for bald patches.
  • Lift up the front and have a long hard look.
  • Check the rear end is clean and tidy.
  • Check for spare tire and any handles.
  • Keep an eye on fuel consumption.
  • Make sure the top can come down and look good on hot, summer days.
  • Make sure you will not have to spend half your paycheck on accessories for it.
  • Are the bodywork and lines to your liking? Is the interior comfortable?
  • Ensure that it responds well to you when you’re in the driving seat.
  • Make sure it’s always clean inside.