Webbed Bliss

Know what you call webmeisters who get married? …….Newlywebs.

Let me share some of the newlywebbed bliss with you. Most folks would register at Macy’s or Foley’s or Dilliard’s or some place normal. Not Dick and Jane. They’re registered with PC Warehouse and Mac Connection (URLs available upon request).

The families did require Dick and Jane to provide a more traditional list of wants and needs however. So ultimately, they compiled, er, complied. They included the normal stuff… blender, toaster oven, electric mixer, food processor. But they categorized them all as ‘plug-ins.’

There was a moment or two of roughness. Jane kept arguing that communication was important in a marriage, so Dick finally bought another computer and a second phone line so he and Jane could chat. The topic of their first real spat though…Mac vs. Windows.

At work, Dick has been introducing Jane as his future “service provider.” Turn-about is fair play, of course; and Jane isn’t referring to Dick as her future husband. She says he’s a forthcoming Add-On (currently in Beta release).

Thus far at all showers and pre-ceremony events Dick and Jane have seemed very happy. How happy? It’s sickening. They keep tilting their heads sideways to smile at each other. 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong. Dick and Jane are very serious about this endeavor. They have put an access counter on the door to the church and the reception hall. The reception will be a little bare compared to most though. They’re serving cookies and java.

The plan for the wedding? Dick and Jane have written the ceremony themselves…in HTML. The ushers will just pass out little slips of paper with URLS. All invitations came with a little slip of paper that said ‘This wedding best viewed with Netscape Navigator.’

Dick and Jane will spend all their days and nights of their honeymoon…. [the remainder of message has been censored by the Coalition for A Clean Internet].