You May Be a True Elementary School Teacher If…

  • Do you ask guests if they have remembered their scarves and mittens as they leave your home?
  • Do you move your dinner partner’s glass away from the edge of the table?
  • Do you ask if anyone needs to go to the bathroom as you enter a theater with a group of friends?
  • Do you hand a tissue to anyone who sneezes?
  • Do you refer to happy hour as “snack time?”
  • Do you declare “no cuts” when a shopper squeezes ahead of you in a checkout line?
  • Do you say “I like the way you did that” to the mechanic who repairs your car nice?
  • Do you ask “Are you sure you did your best?” to the mechanic who fails to repair your car to your satisfaction?
  • Do you sing the “Alphabet Song” to yourself as you look up a number in the phone book?
  • Do you say everything twice? I mean, do you repeat everything?
  • Do you fold your spouse’s fingers over the coins as you hand him/her the money at a tollbooth?
  • Do you ask a quiet person at a party if he has something to share with the group?

If you answered yes to 4 or more, it’s in your soul — you are hooked on teaching. And if you’re not a teacher, you missed your calling.

If you answered yes to 8 or more, well, maybe it’s *too much* in your soul — you should probably begin thinking about retirement.

If you answered yes to all 12, forget it — you’ll *always* be a teacher, retired or not!