Reasons to Play Golf

Front 9
  • You can play without risk of scandal.
  • Beats mowing the lawn.
  • Carrying clubs is considered socially acceptable.
  • Master the essential language: slice, shank, divot, bogie, green fee, sand trap, deep rough, mulligan, hacker, water hazard, double bogie, difficult lie, flub, handicap, worm burner, triple bogie, and Duffer.
  • Always a doctor nearby.
  • Would you rather do business at the office?
  • Handicap accessible.
  • Two methods to achieve a great score
    a) play as you lie
    b) lie as you play
  • Drop a few shots at the 19th hole.
  • Back 9
  • The worse your game, the better the exercise.
  • “Holistic” stress reduction.
  • Great excuse to take a walk.
  • Work through bad lies without having to run for office.
  • Rather sink a birdie than hook a fish.
  • Putting is such sweet sorrow.
  • Old golfers never die..they just putter out.
  • Drinking and driving is encouraged… especially by your opponents.
  • Having a ball is par for the course.