You’ve Been an AOL Subscriber Too Long When…

  • You’re screen name consists of your first initial and last name with no numbers at the end. (Unless you have an uncommon surname)
  • You’re on your 3rd marriage and you’ve met each in an AOL chat room.
  • You remember the days before Buddy Lists when you stalked people by opening an IM with their screen name and repeatedly clicking on the “Available?” button to see if they were online or not.
  • You named your 3 children “LOL”, “ROFL”, and “HEHEHE”.
  • Tom Hanks consulted you for technical advice for the “You’ve got Mail” movie.
  • AOL sent you a congratulatory e-mail along with a one month free AOL subscription in honor of your 1,000,000th different screen name.
  • You wallpapered your entire house with “TOS” violation notices.
  • AOL made up their TOS rules because of things YOU did.
  • When you think you’re a “Big Shot” who should be on AOL’s payroll because you spend so much time on it.
  • You look forward to and actually read Steve Case’s monthly newsletters.

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