Ever Wonder?

Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Let’s see now.

  • No beer,
    No booze,
    No bars,
    No television,
    No cheerleaders,
    No baseball,
    No football,
    No basketball,
    No hockey,
    No golf,
    No tailgate parties,
    No Hooters,
    No pork BBQ,
    No hot dogs,
    No burgers,
    No lobster, shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks,
    No chocolate chip cookies,
    No Christmas.
  • They wear rags for clothes, towels for hats.
  • Constant wailing from the guy next door because he is sick and there are no doctors.
  • 24 hour wailing from a guy in the tower.
  • You can’t shave, your wife can’t shave.
  • You can’t shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung.
  • The women have to wear baggy dresses, and veils at all times.
  • Your bride is picked by someone else, she smells just like your donkey, but your donkey has a better disposition.
  • Then they tell you when you die it all gets better.


Bin Dere

Latest news reports advise that a cell of 4 terrorists has been operating in Detroit, Michigan. Police advised earlier today that 3 of the 4 have been detained. The Detroit Metro Police Commissioner stated that the terrorists Bin Sleepin, Bin Drinkin and Bin Fightin have been arrested on immigration issues.

The Detroit public is advised to stay calm as absolutely NO ONE fitting the description of the fourth cell member, Bin Workin, is anywhere near the area. Police are confident that anyone who looks like Workin will be very easy to spot in the community.

The police have just surrounded a department store in the center of Detroit. They’ve heard Bed Linen is on the second floor!