Manure of the Cows

  • Capitalism
    Let’s sell this cow manure.
  • Socialism
    This cow manure belongs to the Government.
  • Communism
    This cow manure belongs to the People.
  • Liberalism
    Let’s spread this cow manure around.
  • Conservatism
    Keep your hands off my cow manure.
  • Clintonism
    Looks like cow manure. Smells like cow manure. Tastes like cow manure. Glad I didn’t step in it.
  • Doleism
    Bob Dole’s stepped in cow manure and Bob Dole knows what to do with cow manure. Bob Dole in a previous life was cow manure.
  • Obamaism
    There is no such thing as cow manure.
  • Fascism
    Eat cow manure and die.
  • Utopianism
    I love this cow manure.
  • Positivism
    Cow manure doesn’t stink.
  • Separatism
    Keep your cow manure away from my cow manure.
  • Anarchism
    Let the cow manure hit the fan.
  • Sexism
    Clean up this cow manure, honey.
  • Feminism
    I’m not going to take this cow manure anymore.
  • Environmentalism
    Clean this cow manure up.
  • Corporatism
    If we merge our cow manure with your cow manure, we’ll be big shits.