Heavenly Entrance Exam

There are three guys who are good friends. One is an American, one is Polish, and one is Italian. They are driving together one day when they get into a car accident. They all die and float up towards the gates of Heaven. When they get there, an angel who tells them they are all on the border of Heaven and Hell. As a result, they have the choice to either ask a question of the angel or be asked a question. If they answer correctly, or if the angel answers incorrectly on their question, they will pass into Heaven.

The Italian guy goes first. He tells the angel to ask him a question. The angel says, “How many grains of sand are there in the world?”

The Italian guy says, “Um, four trillion?” and falls straight to Hell.

The Polish guy goes next and wants the angel to ask a question. The angel says, “How many drops of water are there in all of the world’s oceans?”

He says, “Uh, ninety-eight billion?” and also falls straight to Hell.

Finally, it’s the American’s turn. He tells the angel he will ask the question, but he needs a pencil and paper. The angel snaps his fingers and it magically appears. The American proceeds to take the paper, makes hundreds of holes in it with the pencil and farts through it. He then asks the angel, “Which hole did my fart go through?”

The angel replies, “That’s easy,” and points to a hole.

The American says… “No, it came out of this one!” and points to his butt, and then goes to Heaven.