The Second Chance

A Jew, a Greek, and an Italian man all die in a plane crash. They are standing before the Lord, and the Lord tells them, “I am going to give you one more chance. I’ll send you back to earth on one condition: that you give up your bad habits.”

They all say, “We will, we will. Please let us live again!” The Italian man agrees to give up eating compulsively. The Jewish man promises to give up thinking of money all the time. And the Greek man vows not to constantly think about sex.

Suddenly they find themselves back on earth, walking down the street. Before they even get a chance to say anything to each other about what has just happened, the Italian man sees a restaurant and begins to salivate. He starts running toward the restaurant when POOF! He disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Just then, the Jewish man sees a dime on the street a couple of feet away. He steps forward, bends over to pick it up, and POOF! Both he and the Greek disappear.