The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen

(Tune: “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen”)

The restroom door said “Gentleman”
And so I walked inside,
I took two steps and realized
I’d been taken for a ride,
I heard high voices, turned
and found the place was occupied,
By two nuns, three old ladies and a nurse,
What could be worse
Than two old nuns, three old ladies and a nurse…

The restroom door said “gentlemen”
It must have been a gag,
As soon as I walked in there
I saw an old hag,
She sprayed me with a can of mace
And slapped me with her bag,
I could tell this just wouldn’t be my day,
What can I say?
This just wasn’t turning out to be my day…

The restroom door said “gentlemen”
And I would like to find,
That crummy little creep
Who had the nerve to switch the sign,
‘Cause I have two black eyes
And one big bruise on my behind,
So I can’t sit with comfort and joy
Boy, oh boy,
No, I’ll never sit with comfort and joy.