Creative Workshops

Please check the workshop you would like to attend next year

  • Self-Improvement Workshops:
    • ___Creative Suffering
      ___Overcoming Peace of Mind
      ___You and Your Birthmark
      ___Guilt Without Sex
      ___The Primal Shrug
      ___Ego Gratification Through Violence
      ___Holding Your Child’s Attention Through Guilt And Fear
      ___Dealing With Post Self-Realization Depression
      ___Whine Your Way To Alienation
      ___How To Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretense and Ostentation

  • Business/Career Workshops:

      ___Money Can Make You Rich
      ___Talking Good: How You Can Improve Speech & Get A Better Ego
      ___I Made $100 In Real Estate
      ___Packaging & Selling Your Child: Parents’ Guide to the Korean Market
      ___Career Opportunities in Iran
      ___Under-Achiever’s Guide to Very Small Business Opportunities
      ___Filler Phrases for Thesis Writers
      ___Tax Shelters for the Poor
      ___How To Profit From Your Own Body

  • Home Economics Workshops:

      ___How To Convert Your Family Room Into A Garage
      ___How To Cultivate Viruses In Your Refrigerator
      ___Burglar-Proof Your Home With Concrete
      ___Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
      ___Sinus Drainage At Home
      ___101 Other Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner
      ___The Repair & Maintenance Of Your Virginity
      ___How To Convert A Wheelchair Into A Dune Buggy
      ___What To Do With Your Conversion Kit
      ___Christianity And The Art Of RV Maintenance

  • Health & Fitness Workshops:

      ___Creative Tooth Decay
      ___Exorcism & Acne
      ___High Fiber Sex
      ___Suicide & Your Health
      ___Bio-Feedback & How To Stop It
      ___Skate Your Way To Regularity
      ___Optional Body Functions
      ___Understanding Nudity
      ___Tap Dance Your Way To Social Ridicule