No Vacancy

A Jewish man, a Polish man, and a man from India are driving around looking for a hotel. Unfortunately a convention happens to be in town that night, and there are no rooms available. They wind up driving to the outskirts of the city where at last they come across a motel with a VACANCY sign. They stop and go in to register.

“I’m sorry,” says the clerk, “but we only have one room left and it’s only a double.”

The three men explain how desperate they are, and so the clerk says, “Okay, I know what we can do. One of you men can sleep out in the barn. Don’t worry, though, we’ll put a cot out there and make it nice and comfortable for you.”

The clerk then shows them to their room, and as he is leaving he says, “It’s up to you three to decided who is going to sleep in the barn.”

Without hesitation, the man from India says, “No problem, I’ll sleep in the barn.”

He leaves, and a few minutes later, as the other two men are getting ready for bed, they hear a knock at the door. They open it, and the Indian man is standing there. “So sorry,” he says, “I cannot sleep with the sacred cow.”

“So, I’ll sleep in the barn,” says the Jewish man, and he leaves. A few minutes later the other two men hear a knock on the door. They answer it, and the Jewish guy is standing there. He shrugs and says, “Can’t sleep with the pig.”

So the Polish guy says, “I guess I’ll sleep in the barn.”

He leaves. The Indian and the Jewish man are beginning to undress when they hear a sound at the door. They open it and the pig and cow are standing there.