The LEGO Admission Test

Several colleges have started a pilot program that uses a simple group experiment with LEGOs as a replacement for the standard admissions test. The group must recreate a model of a robot in the next room, with only one team member allowed to view the robot at any one time.

Since different schools have different admissions requirements, the test has been generalized to meet the requirements of various schools:

  • Engineering College
    Build a real, working robot out of LEGOs
  • Liberal Arts College
    Pick your favorite color of LEGO block
  • Computer Boot Camp
    Carefully memorize how many blocks of each color are in the original statue, and hope they give you exactly the same quantities
  • Art School
    Colors? You mean we get to work with color this year? I don’t have to draw it first?
  • Massage Therapy School
    Carefully stroke each block, and hope the arrangement comes to you
  • Culinary College
    Bake an Eggo that no one would want to LEGO
  • Community College
    Ring this box of LEGOs up on a cash register
  • Florida State College
    Steal as many LEGOs as possible
  • Technical College
    Send for the free brochure