Valentine Signatures

The folks at American Greetings have compiled a list of lines to use when signing you valentine…. depending on your personality.

  • Bold — face it, you want me.
  • Clever — IOUXOXO
  • Cosmic — Didn’t we know each other in another time and place?
  • Dreamy — I never believed in love at first sight until you.
  • Enchantress — A valentine spell has been cast on you!
  • Femme Fatale — You cannot escape. I have ways to make you mine.
  • Athletic — How about a little one-on-one?
  • Musical — Always a love song in my heart for you.
  • No-nonsense — What are you waiting for?
  • Old fashioned — My mother warned me about guys/girls like you.
  • Sarcastic — Hey! I signed the card. What else do you want?
  • Scientific — The chemistry between us is definitely affirmative.
  • Self-assured — Be my valentine. “NO” is not an option.
  • Silly — You’re hotter than a jalapeno sandwich!
  • Wild Child — You are twisted and slightly dangerous. I like that in a person.
  • Worldly — Je t’aime! (translation from French “I love you”)