Off By One

In a recent contest in The Washington Post, readers were asked to take an expression using a number, add or subtract one, and create a new definition:

  • The Year 2001 Problem
    How to find jobs for all those programmers hired to solve the Year 2000 problem.
  • Catch-23
    Complete the previous catch before proceeding to this step.
  • Fortune 501
    Levi Strauss makes the list, but just by the seat of its pants.
  • Motel 5
    If you’re not there by midnight, they turn off the light.
  • Dressed to the Eights
    Impeccably attired with white socks.
  • Six Brides for Seven Brothers
    Someone’s gonna get hurt!
  • Snow White and the Eight Dwarfs
    The title, before they expelled Gassy.
  • Five Eyes
    Other kids can be so cruel when you are Siamese twins, and one of you is wearing a monocle.
  • 665
    The mark on the forehead of Satan’s slightly less evil brother, Ralph.