Blended Magazines

  • Hot Rod McCalls
    A monthly magazine geared for wives and girlfriends of automobile enthusiasts who want to dress in the latest fashions when going to the Auto Show.
  • Reader’s Digestive System Review
    A periodical devoted to presenting condensations of new research and reviews gleaned
    from internal medicine and gastroenterology journals.
  • Southern Living Field and Strems
    A tastefully done periodical presenting a wide variety of tips for women living in the
    southern US covering topics from quilting, to traditional home decorating, to how to field dress the deer carcass your husband brings home.
  • Car and Driver TIME
    Targeting the man who wants to be up on the stock market just as much as he wants to be up on stock cars.
  • Omni Mechanics Illustrated
    Offers schematics and blueprints for do-it-yourself-ers who are interested in building their own trans-dimensional portals and one-man interplanetary vehicles.
  • Scientific American Bazaar
    For the stylish research associate who wants to have more than white lab coats in her closet.