Application to Leave AOL

This form must be filled out in triplicate and e-mailed to all the regs not less than thirty days prior to your intended departure date. Applications will be reviewed the second Tuesday of each week from 1:10-1:15 am. If you are approved for departure (which ain’t gonna happen so give it up), you will be notified by e-mail on the second Wednesday of next week.

Part A

  • Question 1: In no less than 5,000 words explain your reason for desiring to be released from AOL.
  • Question 2: What the hell do you think you are gonna do with all the spare time you are gonna have?
  • Question 3: Do you honestly believe your family likes you enough to talk to you?????

Part B

Personal Information:

Full Given Name:________________________________
Daytime phone__________________________________
Work phone____________________________________
Parents phone__________________________________
Neighbors phone________________________________
Strangers phone_________________________________

Age____________ SSN#_____________________
Weight_______________ Height___________________
Bra size___________________ Jock size_____________
Mothers Maiden Name_____________________________
Grandmothers Country of Origin_____________________

List Ten Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers of places that you can be reached in case of a damn “we miss you” emergency: (please list the above info in alphabetical order…indicating where you are most likely to be at what time of day)

Fill out this form and email to all known regs for review and opinion

This part to be completed by regs, and returned to the silly person requesting to leave us. (make sure you file all the personal info that was given above in case they try to leave us anyway!! HeHeHeHe)

Application Approved: NO_______
Application Denied: YES______

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