(To the tune of “Sleigh Ride”)
Copyright 1996 Dogmama and Detroit Download Central

jingle, tingle, jingle, tingle, jingle tingle,

Just hear those dog tags jingling
Ring ting tingling too
Come on it’s lovely weather
For a walkie together with you

Oh it’s just like Iditarod
Pulling you on the ice
We’ve got the leashes in our mouths
We’re not gonna ask twice

Giddy-yup giddy-yup, giddy-yup let’s go
We’ll eat all the snow
We’ll drag you around till your cheeks glow
Giddy-yup giddy-yup, giddy-yup it’s grand
Tugging at your hand
We’re galloping after the scent of a doggie parade that’s grand

The other dogs are out there now
Making tracks in the snow
All the best smells are fading fast
To the park we must go

So grab that leash and hurry up
Anxious doggies are we
We’re loaded up with water
So we can mark every tree!