AOL Mail: Okay for Others, but Not Corporate

And it goes on to say, “In a humbling reversal, AOL Time Warner Inc. is retreating from a top-level directive that required the divisions of the old Time Warner to convert to an e-mail system based on AOL software and run by America Online’s giant public server computers in Virginia.

“Among the problems cited: The e-mail software frequently crashed, staffers weren’t able to send messages with large attachments, they were often kicked offline without warning, and if they tried to send messages to large groups of users they were labeled as spammers and locked out of the system. Sometimes, e-mails were just plain lost in the AOL ether world and never found. And if there was an out-of-office reply function, most people couldn’t find it.”

My favorite quote in the article was, “When computers crashed in the Washington bureau of Time magazine due to the e-mail software, staffers sometimes sung out, “So easy to use, no wonder it’s number one!’

At one point yesterday, a complete stranger walked up to me and said, “Sir, if you don’t stop smiling like that, the top of your head will fall off because the corners of your mouth are about to meet at the back of your noggin’.”

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