A man is marooned on an island for ten years and has given up all hope of ever being saved, when suddenly, one day, a woman washes ashore. Her clothes are all tattered, and she is clutching a little waterproof bag. It seems that her ship also hit the coral reef off the island and has sunk. She, too, is the only survivor.

The man, overjoyed at seeing another person, blurts out his whole story, about how he managed to live on the island alone, how he learned to live off the island, surviving by his wits. When he was finished his story, the woman says to him, “You mean you’ve been on this island for ten years?”

“That’s right,” says the man.

“Tell me,” she asks. “Did you smoke cigarettes before you were marooned?”

“Why, yes, I did,” he says. “Why do you ask?”

The woman says to him, “Well, since you haven’t had a cigarette in ten years, here!” And with that, she pulls a cigarette out of her little bag and gives it to him.

“Oh, wow!” he says. “Thanks a lot!”

As she lights it for him, she says, “Say, were you a drinking man before you got shipwrecked?”

“Well,” says the man, puffing on the cigarette, “I would have an occasional whiskey now and then.”

The woman reaches into her little bag and says, “You haven’t had a drink in ten years? Here!” From her bag she produces a small flask and hands it to him.

He takes a pull from the flask and is thanking her when she suddenly says, “Gee, I just realized. You’ve been on this island alone for ten years. I guess you haven’t, uh, played around in ten years either, have you?”

“Good God!” says the man. “Do you have a set of golf clubs in that bag?”