Forrest in Everyday Life

  • Forrest Gump
    Life is like a Box of chocolates…
  • Forrest Dahmer
    People are like a box of chocolate, YUM!
  • Forrest Simpson
    Mmmmm, chocolate
  • Forrest the Hun
    Chocolate all mine!
  • Forrest Jackson
    Little kids like my box of chocolates
  • Forrest Hefner
    Keep the chocolate, lose the box.
  • Forrest Simmons
    Chocolate is bad!, EXERCISE EXERCISE!
  • Forrest Rivera
    People who like Chocolate..Next on ‘Forrest’
  • Forrest Shakespeare
    Chocolate, or no chocolate that’s the question
  • Forrest Of Borg
    All chocolates must be assimilated
  • Forrest Presley
    Hunk a hunk of milk chocolate
  • Forrest Zen
    I am one with the chocolate
  • Forrest McClaine
    I used to be a box of Chocolates
  • Forrest Ventura
    Chocolates..Alll-Riighty then..
  • Forrest Lauper
    People just wanna have chocolate
  • Forrest Turner
    What’s chocolate gotta do, gotta do with it?
  • Forrest Bones
    Dammit jim, I’m a Dr., not a box of chocolate
  • Forrest Spock
    Logically speaking, we are all chocolate
  • Forrest Scotty
    The box, she’s breaking apart Capt’n
  • Forrest Rooney
    Why is it that we are all chocolates?
  • Forrest Butler
    Frankly Scarlett, I don’t like chocolate
  • Forrest O’Hara
    Tomorrow is another box of chocolates.
  • Forrest Lee
    Fight with your inner chocolate
  • Forrest Clinton
    I didn’t inhale the cream centers
  • Forrest Davidson
    I will inhale the cream filled centers
  • Forrest Doo
    Roinks Raggy, Rocolates!
  • Forrest Pig
    Life is a box of chok-choa-che..candy
  • Forrest Marx
    That’s the weirdest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen….
  • Forrest Nicholson
    You want chocolate, you can’t handle chocolate
  • Forrest Copperfield
    Poof, the chocolates are gone!
  • Forrest X
    We didn’t land in the box of chocolate
    The box of chocolate landed on us!
  • Forrest Hitler
    White Chocolates only!
  • Forrest the Frog
    Someday we’ll find it,
    The chocolate connections
    The plain ones,
    The cream filled….and me..
  • Forrest Eastwood
    I know what your thinking..
    Did he eat five chocolates, or did he eat six
    Well let me ask you…
    Do you feel hungry PUNK?..well…DO YOU?
  • Forrest Barney
    I’m cream filled, your with nuts.
    We’re a box of chocoluts
  • Forrest Ali
    I am the chocolate boxer!
  • Forrest on phonics
    Lief es lyk a boks uv chakolets
  • Forrest PsychicLine
    Yes, I knew you were a chocolate
  • Forrest 900-line
    oooh, can I suck your cream filled chocolates?
  • Forrest DatingGame
    Bachelor number two…
    if I was a piece of chocolate..
    What would you fill me with?
  • Forrest Alimony
    The Box is mine!
  • Forrest Adultry
    You just can’t have just one chocolate.
  • The Forrest plague
    Ewww..these Chocolates are bad
  • Chief Justice Forrest Thomas
    I never touched her milk-duds!
  • Forrest Andrews
    The Hills are a box of chocolates
  • Forrest Allen
    Chocolate, huroof..
  • Forrest Costello
    Who’s eating chocolate?
  • Forrest Abbott
    No, who is not eating chocolate
  • Forrest Vader
    Luke, I am your chocolate
  • Forrest Yoda
    There is a dark chocolate, and a light chocolate..