Little Johnny and Suzy have nothing to do one day while in the house playing. All of a sudden, Johnny gets this great idea. “Let’s take turns sliding down the banister rail!” he suggests.

“Oh no,” answers Suzy, “That is way too scary.”

“No, it is not,” says Johnny, “it will be fun!” He proceeds to the top of the stairs. The banister rail is long and very smooth with a beautiful big marble ball at its base. Johnny climbs on and down he goes, squealing with excitement as he goes. He jumps off just before he gets to the marble ball at the bottom. “That was great,” he says. “Come on, you try now.”

Suzy still is not quite sure that this is such a good idea. “No,” she says, “It looks too scary.

“No, it is not,” said Johnny, and away he goes again to the top of the stairs. He climbs on and down he goes again, having just as much fun as he did the first time. He jumps off just before the marble ball at the bottom. “You gotta try this, it is the best!” urges Johnny. Well, little Suzy is not one to stay scared for very long and this really does look like fun, so she agrees. To the top of the stairs she goes. She straddles the banister rail, and slowly lets go with her hands. Down she goes, a lot faster than she expected. WHAM! Right into the marble ball at the bottom.

Little Suzy starts to cry and almost falls off the banister rail. When Johnny sees her so upset, crying ever harder and holding her groin where she collided with the marble ball, he gets a little scared that maybe she has really hurt herself.

“Maybe you had better let me see,” suggests Little Johnny. So Suzy lifts her little dress and pulls down her panties. Little Johnny’s face goes pale white. “OH, NO!” he shouts. “This is horrible! You knocked it right off!”